Instructions for the face shield:

  1. Please tighten the straps on each side for best fit (if you don’t adjust the straps the shield will not fit properly);
  2. Hold shield with your index finger and place strap around ear;
  3. Repeat on other side;
  4. Shield should have a snug but comfortable fit;
  5. The indents in the shield point towards your face, the top indent goes comfortably right below your bottom lip.


Maintaining a social distance of 6ft is ideal in all circumstances.


A great option to use when doing outdoor exercise, outdoor seating, allowing for more comfort and easy breathing.

Great for Communication

This face shield is great for translators, the hearing impaired and those who require the use of facial expressions and seeing the speaker’s mouth to ease communication.

Please note: Due to Covid-19 Guidelines returns are not accepted. Thank you.